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Innovative Blockchain Technology
You are able to visit your favourite stores in our very own virtual shopping center with traditional payment options or the increasingly popular CryptoCheckout via Bitcoin or Ethereum.
Support by our AI Virtual Bot
The Qu-Be also has its own Artificially Intelligent Virtual shopping center assistant to guide you. Instead of searching for stores, items, or products, you can simply ask or talk to Vanilla, the AI virtual assistant.
Easy and Reliable Shopping
The Qu-Be is an innovative technological advancement that bridges the gap in between seasoned shoppers and integrates technology, fun and a rapidly transforming world into the digital era. Shoppers no longer have the burden of social distancing or lockdown curfews.
Intuitive and Reliable Interface
Every store will have its own graphical interface designed according to the client’s requirement or specification and users/online shoppers will be able to view the store in a 360-degree view.

Explore your favorite store 360° view

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Endless, Limitless, Gravity